The New Year Has Begun

I have always been told I have a travelers heart. Sometimes I feel cursed because no matter where I go I always feel incredibly tied down. When I begin to settle down and feel comfortable I imagine a world beyond my surroundings and suddenly I am a wayward gypsy hunting for a new home.

When I first moved out of my parent’s house, in 2009, I was euphoric. I was off to go to college in the big city of Seattle. Okay, so technically it was Kirkland but when your a forty-five minute bus ride from downtown Seattle, it counts as moving to the big city. Especially if your from the Big Sky Country.

The first year I was on my own was like a mystical dream. I was sad, angry, happy, confused, I was everything all rolled up into one. I was on my way to independence.

I only went to that college for a year before I decided to spend the summer in St. Croix, USVI. When that summer ended I returned to living with my parents for a couple months before I moved yet again. I know I am leaving big chunks of the story out but I have a whole year to write. The point I am trying to make now is that I am never at a place for too long before I am ready to leave again.IMG_1384

However, moving to Spokane changed my life. This is this city that I began to settle down. I met my husband, started my business, developed relationships with my family, and built a church family here. But now as this year is at its beginning I am ready for a new phase in my life. I am ready for change and I know without question that this is what this year is going to bring me. More to come on this later.

I have spent this past week completely sick and I have been pajama bound because of it. My New Year’s was spent with Netflix, DayQuil, and a roll of tissues. Exciting stuff.

We all make New Year’s Resolution’s and more often then not those resolution’s are never met. I am guilty of this too. Every year I swear that this is the year I will be healthier, run that race, volunteer more, travel there, or do this, But I NEVER DO. I either forgot or don’t bother to hold myself accountable. And though I say this every year, I know in my heart, that this year will be different. This is the year of adventure and change.

My husband and I came up with a list last night of ten things we must do in 2015 during our midnight toast. We have been thinking about this for a couple of months and wanted to wait until New Years to make it official.

10 Must Do’s 2015 

  1. Have Dinner in Manhattan (Visit NYC)
  2. Spend a whole night on a beach
  3. Have a picnic at a lighthouse
  4. Ride in a Hot Air Ballon
  5. Go Dune Bugging 
  6. Gambling 
  7. Niagara Falls
  8. Road-trip through Florida 
  9. Pet a Dolphin 
  10. Do the dreaded Polar Plunge

Well, there you have it. I plan on being on social media less this year and mainly using this blog as a way to share my adventures with the world. So stay posted & Cheers to an Adventurous New Year!



2 thoughts on “The New Year Has Begun

  1. Good for you Chelsea. Have courage, strength and adventure. Follow you dreams. Your comment about holding yourself accountable. I need t I do that. Than I should for the reminder.


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