Nothing Says Love Like a Little Cooking


When I first started cooking I basically found items around my kitchen and made it up as I went. In a way I still do that, following a set a rules (even if it is in a recipe) has never really been my strong point. However when it came to cooking I would, at times, have a major success, creating a meal so delicious that my husband and I hardly had time to blink because we ate it so fast. Other times I made dishes so terrible that even a starving man wouldn’t touch it. For example, I once put pineapple’s in spaghetti. Trust me it was a horrible as it sounds.

One time, I found a bag of chile mix in my little bin of spices. I was unsure of where this bag came from because I knew I didn’t buy it and I knew I had never made chile before. I decided to go for it and it actually turned out. I mean it wasn’t the best chile in the world but it was edibleIMG_1386. A couple of days later I went to the store to buy some chile powder. I felt like the chili bag mix was cheating somehow.

I went home and tried to master my chili again and this time the chile was so much better then before.

After that I became a little chili obsessed. I was going to make the best chile anyone ever had and there was no stopping me! Yes, it is true, at times I can get a little Nut House Nancy.

One time Davids good friend and his girlfriend invited us to dinner but I offered to be the one to cook. So I brought my chili over in a crockpot and I soaked in there advice and comments like a sponge.

I have this weird fantasy to enter a big chile contest and win proving to the world that I am an awesome chile maker. I want a ribbon or a Plaque to hang in my kitchen like a proud parent who has the bumper

IMG_1387sticker “My Child Is An Honor Roll Student.”

In case your wondering, I am totally aware of how lame I am. My chile is nowhere near contest ready but for now I get to be the cool wife who makes her hubby some bad a** chile.

And, no worries, the day I win a chile contest there world will know about it. 😉



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