The Forgotten

Gated Angel

In the wonder of it all

I dance without a simple love affair.

In a daydream the meadows are green and somehow I know that you can no longer love me. There is a fog shadowing the depths of the valley and I see you from afar.

The wind blows and my hair covers the side of my face. It is far from complicated but a mystery unsolved. Secrecy binds us just like lies. Somewhere in the distance I hear a bird chirp. You’re looking at me from across the pond with tear filled eyes. I want you because I crave the unknown.

In a daydream this all makes since… like a fairy tale.

I smile with candor and I walk towards you through the murky water. The quizzical look on your face tells me you’re surprised. My clothes dissolve and suddenly I am naked in more ways than one. Your eyes tell me that you have never seen something so raw, brave, and beautiful. The mountains around us form walls of privacy. Taking courage your hand reaches to caress my bare shoulder but I am not there. I no longer exist. My lips kiss just below your chin and I breathe in your smell longing to be with you. You turn and walk away, your hands clean your sad face of the tears. I want to scream but my voice falls silent. I want you to turn back to me but I’m just a memory, the dreamt, and the forgotten.

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