The Wait

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Smiles on our faces linger and I want that moment to last

But, like everything else it fades

I close my eyes freezing time

There is no patience and we need to wait

How is this possible…?

Defying out hearts in this fragile state

I want you close to me but you need to be far

Can you respect me enough to wait

For the kisses and the I love you’s

To be tied behind commitment

But my heart cried and I whale in pain

So weak yet so strong

Rules bind me to the ground

But with you my affections fly off the soil

I need to let you go if only for a little while

Find myself and the person I ought to be

Tear stained checks

Please just walk away

So we can make this last

And I can honor my convictions

It’s a story

It’s a whirl wind

How did we get here

My best friend I truly love you

But we can’t be together


97 days and I’m yours

for the rest of my life

am I worth the wait

Saying goodbye

While still in love

If only because we love each enough to wait


there is a song in my eyes

breathe it and I’ll

do the same

so wrong

so right…

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