Change In Zip Code

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Remember a couple of days ago when I was talking about choices? Well my husband and I finally made our choice.

I was offered a transfer at for work in Charleston, South Carolina. We are moving January 26th and I start work on Valentines Day.

I feel like I just dropped a huge bomb on some people while others probably saw this coming. I am excited,scared, thrilled, and nervous, all at once. This adventure is going to be huge! I have only visited the east coast and I was in Tennessee once. I am from Montana and have lived in Washington for the past five years, needless to say I am a western. The southern lifestyle is a completely foreign concept but a concept I am about to learn.

All I know is we are three weeks away from being on a beach and smelling the sweet bliss of salt.

There isn’t much more to say about this now because I am still soaking it all in. I have googled some photos of Charleston so you can get a glimpse as to where I am headed.

If you have any moving advice please don’t hesitate to comment!










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