The Ballad Of You and I

Dear Love,

I want you to know, that when you lit the match, the flame never died. I plan on loving you until the end. Forever and always. Yes, don’t be afraid to be that cliché of lovers who love endlessly, be us. I am yours. Your heart is what keeps me steady and your smile is what keeps me calm.

We started out amongst the danger and the no’s. As far as I knew we were two fools. You were the golden apple and was the rotten red delicious with the worm creepin’ through the middle. But, that day you looked me in the eye and saw through my facade and asked me if I was ok. My baby blue’s knew that you knew I was nothing more then a freud. My walls were built thick and tall. I had a past of sins, lies, and fallen heroes and your past was filled with love and grace. You took the time to earn my trust, taking my wall down brick by brick.ForeverMore1-50

Hear me now, as I make this plea. I ask to always be free. Free to share your life with me. Don’t be afraid to travel the world and see your wanderlust with me. Discover the richness of all that we can be. I will hold your hand if your willing to squeeze mine.

I put all my darkness in a pouch and tossed down a well. You made this possible simply by loving me for me.  I saw your yellow light calling me from the sea claiming your love was my lighthouse.

You owned up to your discrepancies and I learned that you weren’t perfect but perfect for me. You did more then jump over the moon when you fought for me. You told me that I was worth fighting for. Before you I wasn’t sure I was worth anything. You once called me soft and that my touch set you ablaze. If that is true, I must ask you to always go back to start. Nobody said it would be easy, as a matter of fact they said we would never last. But, if you take the time to revive the past you will know that I have never not been yours and you have never not been mine.

Remember when we walked the streets and it was as if God heard my prayer and left the streets empty for us. We photographed the night in memories we won’t forget. I laughed, we touched, and you fell in love with me too.

Now here we are, pages away from chapter two in the story of us, and I am here to let you know that it is my turn to be there for you. I know that you are scared of this change and all that is to come but fear not, my love, because I am here to help you fight your demons and work through all the regret.

The hour has turned late and for now I must say goodnight.

Love Always


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