Breaking The Habit

You Left Me for deadNothing is like a ring of fire

Everything is not painted in rose colored glasses

Anguish burns me so deep

Save what little breath I have left

Because I just want to die

Nothing is ok

I will become the cliché

And kill myself

dwelling in this cold blooded fate

I hate you

Paranoid and pissed

But I will survive

God, help me

You stole my innocence

With your clever lies

Punch the wall until it gives in

Because I never will

You’re sick


There’s no cure for your disease

What did I ever see

in those pitiful eyes?

How could I ever have

trusted your evil mind?


Runs through my veins

My pent up anger

You’re my parasite.

My sooner

Has become my later

And I have begun to feel

The pain of the life you have thrown away


On my knees my fingers pull my hair

As I scream


A knife to teddy

Until the pages of my dairy bleed out

Sliver trash can

That’s right,

I have gone insane

There is no love

Look how far I have come

Every memory now in flame

Walk away

As I try to find my place

I have held on

Far too long

Sentiment stuck in the pit of stomach

Grab a back daisy

And lay back into my open grave

Until my chest gives it last beat

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