A Scattered Process…preparing for the goodbyes

Everything is becoming so official. We are moving across the country on Sunday. As in three days from now. The insanity of it all!

I wouldn’t say that I am stressed but I would say I am really struggling with anxiety. Our apartment is pretty much boxed up, the bills are paid, the truck is rented, and all the other small things you have to do before you move is now in place. All that is left is the goodbyes…basically the hard emotional part nobody likes to think about until you absolutely have to.

I am dreading tomorrow. After a year working in River Park Square I am leaving and moving on to a new store location. The goodbyes are going to be rough, I will no doubt miss my work family.

Sunday is our last day at Church and I am not looking forward to that either. Our church family has changed our lives for the better. They gave us food when we had no money, a place to live when were homeless but mostly we built friendships that will last a lifetime.

Maybe I should just make a list of all the goodbyes I am not looking forward to..because I can guarantee that the list would go on for pages…:'(

My grandparents took me out for lunch yesterday, my brother took us out to dinner tonight, I had coffee with one of my best friends this morning and I am having coffee with another friend tomorrow…

Honestly it is a bit much and if truth is being told I would let you know that I can already feel my heartbreaking. I know that this move is for the best but walking away from all this love and support is going to hurt.

Until tomorrow were the goodbyes are really going to start…

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