It’s Only Hello’s From Here On In (Rapid City, SD)

Well, I am here! Where is here? Here is on a very hard Super 8 hotel bed in Rapid City, South Dakota. It feels weird to be so close to a famous landmark and not being able to see it. I am talking about Mt. Rushmore. We thought about it but in the end  we decided it was best not to bring a moving tuck into a tourist haven…for obvious reasons. Maybe someday, but we will save that adventure for another day.

When I was 14 & 15 I went to Chicago twice during the summer to do some missions work with my youth group. We helped restore houses, played with kids who lived in very heartbreaking circumstances. I only bring this up because both times I had to drive through North Dakota. It was a painful experience…and if you have ever driven through the dakotas you understand why. I expected the drive to be the same today. And it was…long and extremely flat, but, I couldn’t help but notice how excited David was and he kept mentioning how beautiful he thought it was. I told him he was crazy and he just said that he found it stunning that every hill, valley, and divot in the land was completely different, kind of like snowflakes.

I realized it that moment that this is why I wanted to travel with my husband. It was because he can see what I can’t and discovering beauty with him feel like rediscovering faith.

I am so excited for what is going to happen this year even though I have no idea what to expect. Maybe I will hate it there (though that is doubtful…I am an ocean FREAK) or maybe I will love it so much that I never want to come home (don’t worry mom I will…)

Today we said all our final goodbyes and now all that is left is hellos. Hellos to a family I’ve barely met, hello’s to new friends, new coworkers, new church, hello’s to a brand new life.


*Photo’s From Today*









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