Halfway There (Kansas City, MO)



When I was a kid my mom relocated my brother and to Montana from Spokane. So the drive from Spokane to Montana became second nature to me. On that drive you start to see signs for a 50,000 dollar bar everywhere. They are big yellow billboards with red writing. Extremely hard to miss. Those signs are there to build excitement and to make travelers want to stop, I mean how else would a small town survive? But the reality is, the 50,000 dollar bar is just a big building with not-so-classy souvenirs, a restaurant with with mediocre food, and bar that has 50,000 coins plastered to the walls. Oh, and two wax figures, an indian and a cowboy sharing a beer. They have been there for YEARS! But the truth of the matter is, people go there ALL THE TIME! Why? Because of those ridiculous signs!

I mention this because on our very long drive to Kansas City we came across these signs every couple miles talking about the awesomeness of Wall Drug, South Dakota. The signs read: Free coffee, homemade doughnuts, buy your western wear here, number one tourist stop in South Dakota, black hills gold, and even a sign that said AS SEEN ON CMT!

Needless to say I have been bamboozled! After awhile I was so excited I could hardly contain myself! i couldn’t wait to see this mysterious Wall Drug and I knew that if I passed through without seeing it I would always wonder!

It was the funniest town I have been in a long time. With its one horse feel and “staged-to-look-exteremly-western vibe.” But, I am glad we stopped by…I had a good laugh and adventure. I must say if you drive through South Dakota you must stop!

Anyways…we are here in Kansas City, sound but not so sure we are safe…;-)

Two other random facts of the day:

1) Omaha, Nebraska is HUGE

2)  The Missouri Bridge coming into Kansas City is BEAUTIFUL! (I would have taken a photo if it wasn’t so dark)

Night All! I am a traveler in need of some shut eye.

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