10 Things that may happen when driving from Kansas City to Nashville…

1) There will be a sweet old lady working at a Starbucks in Missouri that will discount your coffee and say that you look like you are on a journey. She will wish you well and great happiness!
2) You will see a sign that says “who is Jesus call 855-tru-life for answers” (or something)
3) Waffle Houses are everywhere! Yumtastic!
4) You will see far too many adult superstores. Even ones with semi parking. (shady) Yes, having a Walmart of adult toys is a disturbing realization.
5) You will see a billboard advertising the black market…
6) You will see the famous St.Louis Arch & bridges that will AMAZE you!
7) You will see Luke Bryan or someone that looks just like him at a gas station in Illinois.
8) Illinois will be a lot prettier then you imagined. Gorgeous!
9) If you play your cards right you will be able to meet Superman in Metropolis.
10) You will have the chance to see the Nashville Sky Line lit up at night…A dream come true to see the music capital of the world!













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