We Got An Apartment Y’all!!!

For the past couple of days I have felt like a complete zombie. If being car gives you Car Lag…then I’m totally car lagged. Hahaha (ok, so I may be the only one who finds that funny but whatever.)

I have discovered that moving across the country in a week and finding an apartment within 24 hours is extremely stressful but not impossible. No lies though, driving around today complex after complex with fallen hope every time we walked in to the main offices and realizing it wasn’t something that we could do was terrifying. For a moment I thought David and I were going to live in our car. But, as usual, God pulled through and we found the perfect place. It is small but it is in a nice neighborhood and apparently one of the better deals around here.

It is weird because it doesn’t feel like January. There is a crispness in the air because of the humidity but aside from that it feels like November in Spokane. Everything is so different here…I am having a bit of a culture shock.

Somethings I have discovered:

1) DRIVERS ARE CRAZY!!! Ten miles over the speed limit, no turn signals, zipping in and out of traffic…INSANITY I TELL YOU!

2) People are either really friendly or extremely rude.

3) They have a Target store in there mall.

4) Everything some how involves food…and (from what I can tell so far) the food is so wonderful I am sure I will become so large I will have to be rolled back to the Pacific Northwest.



















One thought on “We Got An Apartment Y’all!!!

  1. Wow so excited for you guys, boom boom boom you did it! Love your cute little pad and a river runs through it, beautiful. I love reading your blog and seeing your photos. Love you guys

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