The Poetry In Me (Kiawah Island)


Here we are in the now

embracing life as we go

and if we go now will heaven embrace me?

My heart is full and my wonderings are weak

Now I am in the wilderness

a forgotten beast

Please leave me be

I will hug the ocean waves

and let my body rest

Oh, won’t you rest with me?

Sorrow won’t last, but love,

our love,

surely will

Kiawah Island-1Kiawah Island-2Kiawah Island-5Kiawah Island-6Kiawah Island-7Kiawah Island-8Kiawah Island-9Kiawah Island-10Kiawah Island-11Kiawah Island-12Kiawah Island-13Kiawah Island-14Kiawah Island-15Kiawah Island-16Kiawah Island-17Kiawah Island-18
Kiawah Island-22Kiawah Island-21Kiawah Island-23Kiawah Island-24IMG_1861







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