Who Am I

©Chelsea Kadron

©Chelsea Kadron

Who am I but a walk in the garden

Where the withered yellow tulips wallow in their own self pity

Who am I but the bleak nothingness of an old faded memory

Who am I but a dance once led

I am the shadow of every empty soul

I am the smile that never appears on your angelic face

The rain that pours in the space that once held your heart

So who am I but a black umbrella at funeral for a life once lived

I am the wilted black and white photograph that holds the residue of star-crossed lovers

I am the hand that was once held

Who am I but the noose of a rope that detained a suicide victim

I am the plea of every unheard child

The broken promise of a never-ending goodbye

I am a year’s worth of tears

Who am I but 1095 days of memories

Who am I but the lost pot of gold at the end of your hidden rainbow

I am the pain that you will never understand

The hell that has been your life

The wasted youth that proves ignorance isn’t bliss

I am the stolen soul for the demon the echoes in chaos

Who am I but the remains of a love affair

Who am I underneath the tidal waves of agony

I am the hope that was abandoned

I am the breath of Satan


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