I Made It (week one of work)

Well…I made it!

I feel like I always get so nervous and anxious but then find that I have no reason to be. My first week of work went great. The people I work for are fantastic and the costumers are a wonderful blend of southern friendly.

Needless to say I am a massive worrywart and man alive it kills my body! Two years ago I actually had to be driven to the ER in the middle of the night for massive stomach pain. As it turned out I had a bacteria growing in my stomach and I had to be placed on antibiotics. The doctor said it was probably brought on by stress. That is the thing with stress though it literally tares up your body.  At the time I was a full time student on the verge of graduating, working two jobs, and planning my wedding, which was way too much and highly unrecommended. When will I ever learn that worry & stress only cause you more pain in the end.

Anyways, another highlight of this week is that David has had several great interactions with employers. He used to work for Jimmy Johns and because we need income (badly) we decided he would do something temporary while perusing a career. I couldn’t be more proud of him because all he did was walk into the Jimmy Johns behind my work and the next day started working. After his first day his managers told him that they were highly impressed. Goes to show that if your determined and you work hard it will pay off.

So there you have it. Nothing to exciting but rest assured that we are surviving here in Charleston (even if all we eat right now is PB&J’s).



©David Kadron

©David Kadron

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