Dream Big (This One is For You Mom)

I have always been a dreamer.

When I was little I would always brag about how someday I was going to be somebody important. I would record fake talk shows about myself, I had a karaoke machine were I played fake radio host and superstar, I made up really horrible dance/singing concerts and then made my family watch them, I even wrote and directed a thanksgiving play and made my cousins perform in it.

This is no joke or exaggeration…I wanted to be famous. I even made my mom take my to auditions at the Double Tree Hotel. I was once offered a modeling contract but I would have had to go to Seattle instead of having a birthday party. I choose the birthday party. I had voice, piano, and guitar lessons. The good news is that my parents always supported and believed in me.

The truth is…I have no beat, I sing like a chicken on helium, and I look like a wet noodle when I try to dance. No matter how bad I was I never gave up. I was going to be the next Big Thing and that was that.

The funny thing is, I grew up and somewhere along the line I became afraid to dream. I locked my dreams inside myself because the world told me no. I once had a photography professor tell me that I should get a new hobby because I was one of the worst photographers he had ever seen. But what did I do? I switched schools, majored in photography, and then ran a business for 5 years.

The point is; I shouldn’t let the world tell me that I can’t dream or that I can’t become someone amazing.

It was funny because I was in my own world a lot today dreaming about the day I would own a business and then my mom called and told me that she had been thinking about her future business as well. It made me realize that I may not become somebody “famous” but I can dream big and make the impossible possible.

One of my dance concerts

One of my dance concerts

My diva self

My diva self

2 thoughts on “Dream Big (This One is For You Mom)

    • We did not. We will probably do something else with it but for now I’m pursuing a life long dream to write. I will always do both but writing is my focus right now. 😊


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