Today Marks One Year

If you look at my résumé you would see it’s not very impressive. I have done a lot of volunteer work and have had a lot of temporary jobs. But today is different because today I have officially worked for Apple for a full year.

I can hardly believe I’ve worked at one place for a year. I feel so committed and empowered. My family always calls me the free spirit. 

I think I surprised a lot of people when I decided to get married. I used to be a bit of a manhater who claimed she would never get married. Well look at me now, married for almost two years, ready to start saving for a house, and I’ve worked at one place for one year.

I don’t know what will become of me over the next couple years or who I will turn out to be but I do know one thing, life will be surprising and amazing. 

Never in 1 million years did I picture myself working at a technology store especially Apple. I never thought I was smart enough or talented enough. Who am I kidding! I never even thought I would grow up and be artistic! I was the kid that cried through art class because I was so bad. That is no joke. When my teacher said I needed to draw something else besides a sun, some mountains, and grass I cried saying I didn’t know how to draw anything else. He let it slide and I got an A. I used to think you could only be artistic if you drew, painted, or decorated. I never once thought of myself as artistic or creative and now that is one of the main ways I see myself and one of the main ways my husband describes me. 

WhenI first got hired at Apple I was so surprised I couldn’t help but ask why they choose me. I was surprised because I was the girl that got fired for being too creative, and fired after a five hour shift because I didn’t mesh well with there company. 

After I asked why they hired me, management told me why in various adverbs but one stood out and that was a simple and generic blanket statement. Because Apple tends to hire creative types, not always and I am not saying that is a thing but generically that’s true.

I feel like I’ve grown up so much this past year. I started to believe in myself and everything that I could be. I discovered what confidence was, what standing up for yourself meant, and really pushing myself have a selfless genuine heart.

It feels weird to say this but I’m proud of myself for being committed to a job for a full year even if I did transfer 11 months in. 

And I owe you all a big thank you for helping me get here. 


2 thoughts on “Today Marks One Year

  1. Grounding was always a struggle of mine as well. 🙂 One shop girl to another, retail is a great schedule for those of us who prefer a unique schedule! Congratulations on your tenure! (I don’t think I’ve ever worked the same store location for longer than a year)


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