Inspiration 03.01.15

I have been spending a lot of this week writing. It feel so good to write and be creative. Working on my book is an extremely challenging but rewarding thing to do. While I love music and a lot of music inspires me, hear some songs that inspired me this week.

  1. Boys Don’t Cry: Plumb
  2. Leave My Body: Florence + The Machine
  3. Crush Crush Crush: Paramore
  4. One Headlight: The Wallflowers
  5. Miriam: Norah Jones (Actually when I want to get in a creative mood this is the song I turn to. It’s inspiring, emotional, and brings me to a place of pure creativity.)
  6. Fire and Rain: Birdy
  7. Bleed Out: Blue October
  8. Knocking on Heavens Door: Bob Dylan
  9. Straight From The Heart: Bryan Adams
  10. Cover Me: Candlebox

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