Enchiladas Made Easy

A while back I was cooking with someone I really care about and she taught me a lot of fun tricks. I didn’t know how to cook and I certainly didn’t think I was good at it. But after that day I learned how to make one of my favorite meals. And it’s also extremely easy.

Basically we made enchiladas but with half the amount of prep-time yet still capturing that amazing flavor. Now, if you want to dive a little deeper you can make homemade tortilla shells and refried beans, but that does take a lot of time. If you comment below I would be happy to tell you tell how to make them.

Anyways, back to the enchiladas. First things first I make minute rice. Boil two cups water and then add two cups rice to the boiled water after the burner has been turned off. Cover the rice and just let it sit there doing its thing while you do other prep-work. Out of site out of mind.

The second thing I do is make sure whatever meat I am using is thaw. Tonight I used a pound of beef, but I have also used chicken, or doubled my bean portion and went meatless. Once the meat is thaw I start to brown it with 1/2 cup tomato sauce, cajun seasoning, and a little bit of taco seasoning. For the seasonings its really based on what you think is a fair amount.

I then chop up half an onion and half a pepper and place them in the frying pan with the meat. I used about a quarter of a red and orange pepper tonight but use what ever pepper you think tastes best.

While the meat is browning I cover the bottom of my pan (I never worry about pan size I just use what I have) with corn tortilla’s and pour enough enchilada sauce in to barely cover the top of the shells. I like to use red sauce because I think it tastes better but I have used green and it also tastes good, so use what you like. Remember they are your enchiladas.

At this point your more then halfway done. So to recap you have chopped up some veggies, cooked rice, browned your meat, and placed your tortilla shells so they cover the pan. After all that is said and done you layer it like lasagna.

Layer One: Naked Corn Tortilla Shells w

Layer Two: Pour just enough enchilada sauce to cover the pan

Layer Three: Spread had of your rice over the tortilla’s

Layer Four: Spread one 8oz can (draining the juice) of black beans over the rice

Layer Five: Sprinkle cheese over the beans

Layer Six: Cover service with more tortilla shells and sauce

Layer Seven: Add the rest of your rice, more cheese, and then your meat and veggie mixture

Layer Eight: Cover the top with more tortilla shells, sauce, and cheese

At this point you cover it with tin foil and bake it for 25 minutes when the oven is preheated too 375 degrees. At the 25 minute mark you take the tin foil off and let it cook for another ten minutes. Once cooked, take it out of the oven and let it cool for a couple minutes and then its ready to enjoy!

I hope you guys try this! It feeds a lot, people love it, and it is delicious!

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