I’m So Glad You Never Let Go


You told me that I was beautiful

Can I really believe that it is true?

You grabbed a cloth and you cleaned

Up the darkest parts of me

You picked up my chin when my tears


You brought me to a place of forgiveness

Healing me of all my yesterdays

You scoped me up when my bravery was gone

Held me in Your arms

And I am so glad You never let go

I ran and my fight was gone

The devil had me

And it was You that brought me back

I can’t believe You love me

After everything I put You through

But the truth is You’re the only True Love I have ever known

So hold my hand and walk me trough life

And when I l fall apart again

Because You know I will

Pick me up and hold me in Your surrender


It is haunting the demons that face me

Reflecting my ugly side in the mirror of

A crumbled self-esteem

Ribs show but somehow that is not enough

Lusts are power and

The quick fix never satisfies

It only makes the dark cloaks smile

And Your behind them when they circle me

A tear in Your eye and arms extended

Beckoning me to not give up the fight

But my hope is gone


I’m lying, shaking, never waking, and I’m screaming

My hands grip my blanket as I push it to my mouth

So I can bite down hard to muffle the residue of my mistakes

Telling me that after she touched me I was never worth anything

Fetal position and Your there stroking my hair

Reminding me of Your promise

I’m so glad you never let go


I made it through another day

And I found a way to smile

And sing along to the radio

And I feel the darkness there inside of me

But today I choose not to take the beating

I rest my head on Your shoulder and You hold me close

And I feel a bit stronger

My Precious Redeemer

I’s so glad You never let me Go

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