10 Things That Need To Happen In My Day…

  1. I need to laugh… a real loud honest laugh
  2. I need to make someone laugh
  3. I need to hear a song that inspires me
  4. I need to spend time with someone I love
  5. I need to discover God in a new way
  6. I need to learn something new
  7. I need to be challenged
  8. I need to have at least one good meal
  9. I need to inspire someone
  10. I need to decide to have a better day then yesterday

Life is interesting in the sense that no day is the same. Everyday we feel different emotions and experience new things. So how can we judge a day to be good? How can we inspire ourselves to have more good days then bad? Lately it feel as if I have had more bad days then good so I made a decision today, and that decision was that today would be better then yesterday. I am so annoyed with having a rough time lately so I decided to make a list of ten things that I would like to happen everyday. I’ll see how it goes but I feel like this is a good start. What are some things that need to happen in your day in order for it to be a good one?CSC_2580

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