birdHer heart sings a love song of sparrows

A broken hopeless of dusks’ longings

Today she beckons him. Will he hear?

Mystery never serves to fail

As magic fades into black and white

Reality covering them in colored raindrops

Forgotten words and white walls

Willing them to stay if only for a while

An oasis of hope

Need not worry, her heart is his,

forever to be true

Stand tall, my friend,

At last this will come to an end

Close your eyes with her

Remember what it feels like to smile

This is their eleventh hour

She stands above the clouds

Longing to be near

To touch him in the world below

But she’s far-gone

A whimsical dream away

Her absence is ever longing

A heart beat away from an attack

But he see’s her there in the sky

And he won’t dry his eyes

He will be weak for a little while

Touching her porcelain skin

Which the echoed memories

Ravishing his middle aged mind

There is darkness

That surrounds them

“Cause you love me and you need me

And there’s and beauty in the making

Cause darlin’ you’re my birdsong”

Sparrows in the sky

She is flying high

She is what makes him strong

“So leave your worries behind and come fly with me

Together we’ll sing our birdsong

Happiness is our tomorrow

And when the snowmelts and the years pass

Your body will wither at ninety-four

And you’ll meet me flying high

Sparrows in the sky”

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