Today I came home crying, as embarrassing as that is. 

Overall you can say I had a good day. I got to sleep in and had a couple of really funny moments and I made someone really excited about their new computer. 

You know when you do something really brave? It takes all your courage just to do it? That was me today. I asked some people around me for advice and finally decided to pull the plug and go for it. I felt like I put my heart out on display and then I was rejected. I can’t give all the details of what happened but the point is I was hurt and it brought up some past issues. I often feel like I am second best or under-valued. Kind of like the guys in sound booths at concerts. They make the concert happen but hardly ever get the recognition they deserve. 

As I said I came home crying today and I felt defeated and like a failure but my husband reminded me of a simple truth. No matter how defeated you may feel no one person defines you or what you are capable of. The only person that can tell you what your capable of and who you are is you. If you want it bad enough go full throttle and prove them wrong. You are invicable.  


2 thoughts on “Defeated 

  1. Sometimes we put our heart out there, and it gets stepped on. I’m sorry that it happened to you today, but I am proud you that you tried. You are invincible!!!


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