I Love You

When I was a teenager my mom and I would get into fights, which is completely normal at that time in life. But no matter how mad she was at me she would always say I Love you at the end of every fight. My mom also made a point to tell me that she loved me everytime we said goodbye. When I asked her why she did this she told me that it was because we never knew when the last time we spoke would be and she wanted the last words exchanged to be, I love you. Morbid but true. 

I have to agree people you love need to know you love them. Sometimes that is such a hard thing to do though. 

Personally, it is not my strong point. Saying I love you. My actions will always say I love you but most of the time the words don’t come out. With certain people I can say those words without blinking an eye like my husband and mom but for others like my best friend or even my brother it isn’t something that comes easy. It’s not because I don’t love them but because it just seems so out of place and awkward. But I have no problem saying I love coffee or pizza. Why is it so easy to use that word so lightly in some places but so unbelievably hard to say at other times?

Lately I am learning that these words build people up and make people feel like they belong in this world. You never know what someone is facing and just knowing that some loves them could save there life. 


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