Slumber Parties 

Sleepovers are a right of passage. Childhood has to have give you a slumber party. It’s memories of laughter,junk food, secrets, and movies. Now I’ll admit not all sleepovers go as planned and turn out to be a horrible memory but most I’d say are good. I have to work an all-nighter tomorrow night so I am trying to stay up as late as possible tonigbt so I can sleep late tomorrow. 

So my husband and I are watching movies,eating junk food, and telling secrets tonight. He even told me that he is affiad to fall asleep first because whoever falls asleep first at sleepovers gets all the pranks done to them. I know that this sounds childish, I mean we are two married twenty something’s having a sleepover but sometimes it’s alright to awaken the child in yourself. Let go and be youthful. Forget about the work you have to do, errands that need to be ran, bills that need to be paid, calories that shouldn’t be eaten, for one night let yourself be free of adulthood and have some child-like fun. It’s worth it. Maybe 😉


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