Untold Tale

Took a shot of Irish Cream today

Because maybe that would ease my ache

I still think about us all the time

Wondering how the hell this happened

Every day that burns by is like a time bomb

For my dying spirit

I waited so long to be out of the profound waters

But, the more I try to escape, the more I seem to drown

So I go for a run

It is what keeps me sober,

Yet somberness remains, subdue

Like early dawn and no one has risen

Murky skies, slight drizzle, brittle chill

Even so, I sat across your fathers shop

Where we began

For stainless time I stared

As if you would come out

And save me like that first day

Every promise broken

Every hope shattered

Day 548 without you

Seemingly I cannot move on

You knew a piece of all wounds

Each scar, my first of many enchantments

Messed up, fatuous, unhinged

Demeanor portrays a happy girl

Far from, but who knows

This may just come to an end

Golden Gate Blur

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