You’ll Meet Me There Someday

I’m laying down and my arm rests above my head. It’s dark and your touch on my fingers is what keeps my heart beating.

The soft music plays and the salt from your tears makes my skin feel like the after math of a rainstorm.

One can only hope for a moment like this. Where the world is a sad mix of bright. Your breath is shallow and mine is sacred. Like Holy Water and Wine. 

If I gave of my blood and my soul, poured my heart dry over you… Would our Last Super be a wasteland

Kiss me. It’s time for the end. My hair falls all around us and the somber sound of your pulse reminds me of my sickness.

You watched me fade. In white gowns and feeding tubes. But hold me…. Touch me

One last time.

Lost in a trance in this world of saints and sinners

Time is fading and I’m a drifter. All the while, you’ve been my hero and a self-deprivating martyr.

Cold sweat and around we go. One last time on this Mary-go-round

How are you going to live without me. It’s not fair for me to ask you to stay. But you carried me all these years and I need you now.

You loved me as all my hair fell to the ground and my weight recycled into space. I couldn’t live without you and I wanted you to take me all the way.

My body awakens for the last time as your lips press to me. My sunrise has become my sunset…

And I’m free from my disease. 

This was our last dance. Your grip is tight and your screams are deep and that is the last sound I hear.  

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