Living with a Boy

Being married has its perks but there are some definate downfalls. For the past two years I have lived with a boy and while I’m used to it now it defiantly took me awhile. 

What do I mean? 

I mean to say that some (not all) boys are gross and have weird habits. So I made a small list of things that living with a boy has tought me. 

  1. You will find cereal bowls in the bathroom (that they ate while doing their business)
  2. Eating peanut butter on a tortilla shell or mustard pretzels with captain crunch is a normal meal and they may even go as far as calling it cuisine
  3. Putting your legs on a mans lap while your dating may be sexy move but when your married be prepared to be farted on
  4. Eating a bowl of popcorn will never be the same. He may spend ten minutes getting a kernel out of his teeth, then pee, then not wash his hands and once all of that is said and done he’ll go for a big handful
  5. You will hear car sounds from the bathroom
  6. You will begin to notice what car is which and how it is made and then wonder why you even care
  7. Smells. In their  beard. On their  clothes. On there skin…. Sweat is everywhere
  8. Socks will always be on the floor in front of the couch as if they belong there
  9. Your hair may clog the shower drain but his beard trimmings all of the bathroom counter will never go away
  10. Toenails will be everywhere

There are so many more but I’ll stop there. I know without a doubt that girls have there issues too. Like our beauty products taking over the bathroom and all of our girly smell goods. But sometimes I revert back to elementary days when I gave myself the cootie shot.

All jokes aside I love being married and living with my best friend and husband but sometimes I’m just reminded of how hard it is to live with a boy. (As he rolls his eyes and says the same thing about living with a girl) 😀

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