90 Years

Today my great grandma had her 90th birthday and back home my family had a huge celebration. They sent me a few photos of what was going while holding up one of my wedding photos. It made me miss home a little.  It’s hard to believe, 90 years is a long time no matter how you look at it. 90 yeas of love,laughter,friendship,joy…

While I lived in Spokane I got know my great grandma and she is without question the toughest, strongest, bravest, and the most pure hearted person I have ever known. 

She moved her entire family from South Dakota to Washington, raised her family, has out lived so many of her loved ones, and is the monarch of my family. Despite the fact that she has had a lot of pain in her life she still manages to smile and to laugh. 

So I am overjoyed to know that fifty plus people came by to wish her happy 90th birthday today and that I was able to virtually say hello (FaceTime).

I just want to say congrats on 90 wonderful years, happy birthday, and I love you. I couldn’t be more proud to be part of your bloodline!


One thought on “90 Years

  1. We missed you so! I am so grateful you got to facetime with grandma, and I am glad we were able to include you in our own weird little way. I do wish I had a different photo on hand to use – but the fact that I had one at all was a happy accident 🙂


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