We Were Only Kids (Falling In Love Part 2)


My first boyfriend gave his first kiss away like a kid who had been deprived of candy for far too long. He apparently met the girl at a church event. Which was weird because we went to the same church. So I guess that fate had him at a different youth group that night. According to him they hit it off right away and she was throwing herself at him. He told me that he never liked her he just like the idea of her.

So I’ll give you some back story. I am from Montana and all the ways of a small town life. My parents and I just moved to a new town which was about thirty to forty-five minutes away from were we lived before. I started attending youth group at my church when I was thirteen and that is were I met my two junior high best friends. One of those friends had an older brother who was my older brothers age. Confusing right? So basically my first boyfriend was my brothers best friend at the time and my best friend’s older brother. Hopefully you are still with me after that mouth full.

So as the story goes I moved to a new town and my brother went off to college. Not being able to drive I was unable to see my friends as much as I wanted to. Now my ex was eighteen and a high-school senior who was able to go wherever he pleased. HIs parents were separated and his dad had a car shop in the town I recently moved into. His senior project was to rebuild his car engine into a hydraulic one. Needless to say I started to see a lot more of him after I moved then I did his sister. And with my brother off at college he didn’t have a lot of people to hang out with so we became good friends.

I know this is a little complicated and trust me it was complicated back then too. My ex and I had always been friends because he would come over to my house to see my brother or I would be at his house visiting his sister. He was pretty much a part of my life since I was thirteen. He was the wrestling champion of his school (had cauliflower ear to prove it), a track star, and he was the quarter back of his football team. By all means he was a teenage girls dream. I went to a different school and was basically a shy nobody.

So back to his first kiss with this girl he met at a church event. I was on the school bus one morning when this girl came up to me and was like “You’re Chelsea right?” and I nodded. I didn’t know her from Adam so I had no room to judge her but I’d seen her around has she was definitely a wild child. I knew instantly that this was the type of girl that you didn’t want to piss off. She went on to tell me about how she met the man of her dreams the night before and that she was sure that he would become her boyfriend. I asked her why any of this concerned me and she said because I was his friend and I had to put a good word in for her. I still had no idea what she was talking about so she told me all about my ex and how he described me to her the night before. When she mentioned what school she went too he apparently got really excited and said that one of his best friends went to that school. I was the weird girl who wore the same orange hoodie to school everyday so I can imagine it wasn’t hard for her to put two and two together.

That night I confronted him at youth group telling him that he is welcome to his lady friends but that he needed to keep me out of it. I’ll admit I felt half jealous and half excited that he called me one of his best friends. He told me that she was a mistake, that nothing happened, and that he didn’t want anything to happen. I told him that he better tell her that because she was under the idea that they were in love. Don’t you just love the drama of high school?

So he made plans to met up with her after school to end whatever it was they had started. I told him to do it in a public place that way it kept things pure and simple. That night he called me. He told me that they went to her house and her mom made them brownies or something like that. She then sat on his lap and pushed her breasts firmly in his face and kissed him. He told me that she was overweight and his lap was going numb and he also told me that after a brief make-out session he left. He started to drive home when he pulled over on the side of the road to throw up. He told me all the fun details of his first kiss and when he never called her back I was the one that got the wrath. But he never knew that. He never knew that she took my PE clothes and spread rummers that I was skank.

So the night I got my first kiss from him and he gave me this long speech about how he wished our first kiss could be his very first kiss too. He was so honored that I was giving him my precious lip space. And I was the one who held his had through his first kiss fiasco. How niave was I? I wanted to kiss the guy that just treated the girl I went to school with like chum.

I was star-struck by his young athletic body. He may have been the quarterback and an all star athlete but he never partied or drank. He never even dated. He was too focused on his goal of being on the college football team. And he choose me to be his first girlfriend. I was a smitten teenage girl who loved him blindly for years.

Tonight that is were I will leave you but tomorrow I will continue with the next phase in my love story. This is story of how I evently came to love my husband.

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