The Next Big Thing

Well I guess you can say that David is slowing finding his place here in South Carolina. Not only did he find a good job right away but as of today he was promoted. It really shows his character and that he made the right choice when he decided to go with the cars salesman position at a Volkswagen dealership. 

When we first arrived he walked in and got a job at Jimmy John’s and worked there for a couple weeks while he tried to find something better. Taco Bell offered him a shift leader position and a local bird supply store asked he was interested in management. But in the end he went with something new at the dealership. 

And it paid off! Today he was promoted to lot/photography manager position! He gets to decide how the cars will lay out in the parking lot and he will take photographs of the cars and post them on the website. He gets better hours, a pay raise, and more flexibility with time off. The best part is that he can still sell cars if he wants to. 

Well, safe to say I am super proud of him and I cannot wait to see what this next chapter brings us! 


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