Ordinary Day

So my friends if you haven’t gotten on the half priced frappé happy hour at Starbucks band wagon, you should. Not that I’m a huge Starbucks fan I’m more of a Dutch Bros girl but I’m living on a peninsula that seems to have abandoned the modern culture of a caffeine induced lifestyle. But on the bright said I’ve cut back on my caffeine addiction since I moved here. 

However, today David and I spent the day together and thought we would go on a cheap Starbucks date. 

I must say it’s been fun to just relax and enjoy each other’s company. How often do we do that in today’s culture? Just enjoy being with someone you love?

Supposedly there is a tropical storm headed our way so we couldn’t do much outside. You know, because of all the rain and wind. 

Tomorrow is going to be the night we go on a real date to celebrate David’s promotion. But before our fancy date we have grocery shopping to do. Pay day is tomorrow hence us not doing it today. 

However we are need of some help. We are tired of the same old same old. So tell me what is your favorite thing to but at the grocery store?


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