A Musing If You Will

All week David and I have been looking forward to going out to dinner to celebrate his recent promotion but last night I went to bed with a migraine and a sore throat. Today I woke up with sinus pressure, a slight cough, and that same migraine. Aw, the joys of life. 

So instead of going out this evening we ordered in. But not pizza. We ordered a South Carolina legend. Ok, so the legend part may be a bit of a stretch but it’s still local to the area. We ordered us some southern style chicken from a place called Kickin’ Chicken. So, if you find yourself here in Charleston, I recommend.  Nothing fancy but, hey, a celebration is a celebration. 

Aside from my sudden cold, I got hit on today. Oh, yes my friends…the awkward kind of being hit on. 

There was a fire alarm at work and coworkers and customers alike had to evacuate the building. While waiting outside for the fireman to clear us to back inside a gal comes up to me and says “Since I had to evacuate the building does that mean I get mouth to mouth resuscitation.” I just stared at her and laughed my awkward-I have no clue what to do-laugh. By that time the fireman cleared us to go back inside (talk about being saved by the bell) so I said it’s time to go back inside and she says “Hey, I was just flirting because you are so cute.” 

Well, guys let me just say, has that ever worked? Make or female that line was ridiculous. Who says that? 

However, in the end it is still making me laugh so I guess awkward is my poison. Take that as you will.


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