The Cockroach King

Awe, the south. The land of humid air,good food, and freaky insects.

So tonight David and I sat down to watch an episode of Friends and out of the corner of my eye I see a giant cockroach gallivanting around. I of course scream and that startles David and he jumps. But by that point I am screaming and running around the apartment like the terrified fool that I am. 

I saw the cockroach right before I took a drink from my water bottle so not only am I running around but I’m doing so holding on to a lidless water bottle. Somehow I ended up on top of my bathroom counter and I wouldn’t come down until David properly disposed of the nasty thing. 

Later I was laughing at myself and I told David I wa surprised that I made him scream and he said he never screamed and that I must have heard the cockroach. I looked at him and I’m sure my face went pale and said “they scream!” And he started to laugh. 

He was joking but now I can’t get the nasty and disturbing image out my head.

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