Lost Love New Start


We were the stars

Those shining in the eyes of people who grin wide

Because they love

Take my hand

I feel like dancing

Twirl me around

until the end

you’re my best friend

But don’t promise me forever

Because no one knows when forever ends

And it always ends

And my heart only dances with your ghost

I don’t know you anymore

You don’t know me

I turn my head to the right

hoping you are beside me

When you are not there

I turn to the left

And I’m disappointed

Tare my world into two

Break all my bones

I do believe it would feel better

Then the hell you are putting me through

If I try to remember your kiss

But I see you kissing her instead

Your excuse was simply lust

It still does not explain why

But the pain is yours to keep

Friendship and love

Is not grown on an apple tree

I think I found someone new

But he won’t want me

Because you left me damaged

Feelings and love never last

Run fast on a glass road

Cut open my feet

Do something


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