Career Path

Truth be told I have always had a dream of being somebody. I’m not saying I want my name in lights or anything but I at least wanted to be known. 

Known by the people that I helped. I know how this sounds believe me. But, if we were all honest I think some part of all our souls way down deep wants the same things. 

I’ve been called a dreamer a lot in my life. I have been told that I have big ambitions and goals. When I was in college and I was presenting my final portfolio it was all about how I had these big dreams of traveling the world and writing about it. I was going to be a missionary photographer. Telling the untold stories of this world. I know what your thinking, it’s what everyone thinks, that I sound like a journalist. Maybe so but have I no intention on ever being a journalist. I took a few journalism classes in college and the feedback was all the same, I was too creative in my writing and not enough factual enough. And that’s the things I hate writing factual information down in a “story-like” fashion. It’s just not me. I’m too much of a poet. I’m not saying I’m above being a journalist, I just want to enjoy what I do and aim to be the Lois Lane because I have to be.

But where does that leave me? A twenty something who writes a mediocre blog, can barely afford to pay the bills, and works in retail. Yes, I have a great job and I love working for Apple… But being an Apple Specialist isn’t my forever life goal. One of my managers and a guy on our Expert team said I was intelligent and it really made me think. I know that my family and friends have said that I am smart but it means something more, has richer effect so to speak, when it comes from your boss. 

All this too say, maybe I’m not the lame nobody I think I am. Maybe there is still hope for me. And as cheesy as I’m about to sound, maybe I still can be somebody

Ideally I would like to be a published writer and photographer and eventually own my own funky little shop but perhaps those goals are too idealistic. I’m not going to just walk away and give up but maybe it’s time to pursue a new goal for my life. A new career path. Perhaps start thinking like an adult and not a youthful dreamer. 

With that said I’ve complied a small list of careers I may want to pursue.

  1. Recruiter for a Christian University 
  2. Personal (Executive)  Assistant 
  3. Flight Attendant
  4. Production Assistant 
  5. Working With Events
  6. PR 

Of course these are just thoughts… 

2 thoughts on “Career Path

  1. Good luck!
    I followed a insta blog and what she did is she clicked pictures and spoke to strangers on the train. She shared their stories, nothing deep just normal where they are coming from and their families.
    Maybe you can start small. Just a suggestion

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  2. I think they are great ideas and it is always good to be thinking about the next step. I know you need to be doing something creative, whether that is in your day job or you are moonlighting. You will find what you want to do, but I have a feeling it will be something you design.

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