10 Things I find Disgusting  

  1. Feet. In my wedding vows I told David that I would never touch his feet. I committed to him ankle up.
  2. Butterflies. Seriously with there wings and creepy black lines… Eww
  3. People who eat there boogers… Sadly more then children commit this crime.
  4. Eating off the floor… That is never cool
  5. Slobber. On dogs, in humans, gross!
  6. Carrots. The only good thing about them is that they are orange.
  7. Bad breath. Just stop eating garlic and move on.
  8. Dirty bathtubs. I will not bathe in my excess filth thank you very much…
  9. Warm water. Enough said.
  10. Chorizo Sausage. I’ve tried it multiple ways and it’s just a no go for me.

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