Positive Changes 

I’ve been talking a lot about making changes in my life. Doing something different and being more proactive about finding the joy in my life. 

The first change I have been making is related to food. I heard from a friend, who read somewhere about a woman who cut out one food item per week in order to live a healthier lifestyle. I liked that idea so I started doing that. I’ve cut off candy,soda, and fast food so far and as small as that is, the process feels good. I know that I’m not extremely overweight but I nearly gained one hundred pounds in a year so I needed to make healthy choices. I also love to cook so I have been taking more time to make my own meals. Now as small as that is I know that it is working because I feel better myself. I know that I am working towards a goal. Tonight I made homemade brownies and sweet and spicy chicken.  I wouldn’t say it was a weight watcher approved meal but homemade meals are also better then buying out.


Well, if I am honest that is the biggest change I have made thus far but the next one I am going to try to tackle is financial responsibility. David and I have a pile of medical bills, a huge IRS scare, and pervious debt. I wouldn’t say we hit rock bottom because we have been through worse. Like when we first got married, I had no job and David worked part time as a delivery driver. We survived on $600 per month (if that). But when we decided to move we spent our savings on the massive budget it took. Granted we did get some help from our amazing friends and family back home, the move is still something we are recovering from. Things may be super tight right now but my goal is to understand how to make responsible choices with money to help us get back on track. I may need to dust off my old Dave Ramsey book. 

Well, that’s were I am at now. I’ll keep you posted. 

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