Steps To Recovery

My eyes close

I see your smile close to mine


Laying on my back

you just above me

My hands on your back

A sweet tickle

Your brown-green eyes glowing giddily at me

Two years of my life

My best friend

Holder of my forever

I lay awake

I tore down photos

But it doesn’t ease the grief

Or erase the memories

I remember the good times but just as I start to feel alright

I see you looking at her under the stars

Kissing her on that park bench

That’s the place I used to sit

Now I’m the “I’m sorry” phone call

Will I wake up

Be able to do the basics



I see the prom picture on my wall


Slow dance

Picture of Halloween


The lamest party so we went to Denny’s

God, we had good times

You came by my house said she kissed you

Not the other way around

Said that the interaction repulsed you

Said I should give you a second chance

The tears in my eyes when I said I was worth more than that

You wouldn’t leave

So I said please get out

You went to my brother

He said you never looked worse

Well maybe in time

Forgiveness is easy

Deception not so much



When I close my eyes

And I don’t see you and her under the stars

Until then



Unappealing romance

Taking the steps to recovery

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