10 Common Pet Peeves 

I have written about peeves before. Things that bug you, drive you crazy, annoy you… These are the things that make you abandon your morals and make you want to slap somebody. But of course you don’t (or you shouldn’t be.)

So I did some research and I found ten of the most common pet peeves.

  1. The Foot Tappers… Plain and simple this is not tap dance!
  2. Texting while driving 
  3. Loud cellphone conversations in public
  4. People complain too much… There life is ALWAYS worse off then others
  5. When someone tells you they will take care of it and doesn’t follow through 
  6. Gum chomping. Hate to break it to you folks but it just ain’t classy 
  7. Get your food… “Oh, I don’t want to buy any fries because I’m trying to watch me weight.” Ten minutes later, “Can I have just one?” And then take a handful before you can answer. Get yo grubby hands off my food!
  8. The Human Vacuum. You know, when people drink their juice to the last sip. The juice is done, yet they are still trying to suck that last sip through their straw, creating that weird vacuum noise with their mouths.
  9. People who say, I’m Sorry, too much. Get some self esteem or confidence… Everything is not your fault. 
  10. Drivers who don’t use a turn signal. Urgh! 


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