The Introverted 

I’ve realized that I don’t get out very much. I’m kind of an inward person. I would rather spend a day completely alone or just hanging out with one or two people then go to a party somewhere. For a long time I thought that made me a bad person. Like I was somehow a looser because I’m more introverted then extroverted. 

But, it doesn’t make me a bad person it makes me, me. Yeah, perhaps I sit at home to write or to read and my friend list isn’t ten miles deep but it doesn’t make me some kind of freak. 

Often times I feel like the quiet introspective types feel like they aren’t right somehow because they don’t act like the “cool kids.” I know that sounds high school, but even as an adult that feeling is there. Outgoing people just stand out more but it doesn’t make then any better then the introverted. It makes us different.

One thing, I’ve been learning though is that there is a big difference between keeping to yourself and keeping things to yourself. Just because I would rather hang out in small crowds doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be willing to open up to people and build new relationships. 

My coworkers have invited me out a lot recently and I keep turning them down. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to get to know them better but it was because I tend to stay clear of the bar scene. I don’t drink. And today I opened up to a few coworkers about why I haven’t been going out. Claiming that it isn’t them it’s just I don’t like to put myself in situations that contradict my moral values. As a sidenote I don’t drink because I’ve seen what a mess it can make. Alcoholism  is vary real and having an addictive personality I just choose to not go down that path. My best friend drinks and I know a lot of people drink responsibly it’s just not for me. And after explaining that to people it was amazing to have there support. 

They felt like I was too good to hang out with them but in reality I just didn’t want to go to a bar. So now they said they are going to invite me to dinner, the beach, or a movie and I said I would go. 

It’s amazing what opening up can do. Don’t be afraid to be who you are just don’t hide yourself.

2 thoughts on “The Introverted 

  1. A million loves for this blog! I too have an addictive personality unfortunately, I am letting it control me instead of me controlling it. This is great insight for me today. As for the putting yourself out there, I have said that to 2 of my loved ones this week alone. I highly believe in this concept and encourage all to find the strength to step out. It gets easier with time. It is freeing to be understood and to understand. Thank you for you wisdom o center again.

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