Seriously? That Just Happened…

You know that moment when you realize you don’t have your debit card or you have forgotten your wallet entirely? The awful part is that you don’t realize you don’t have your wallet until your ready to purchase your items and you just want to crawl into a hole. 

Or worse, when your have to charge a minuscule amount to your card because you forgot to bring cash and your card gets declined. At that point you want to crawl into an even bigger hole. 

I used to run the opposite direction everytime this happened to me. One time I even waited in a long drive through line at a Starbucks and right as I was about to pull up to the window I realized my wallet was nowhere to be found. So I rolled up my window and sped right through. Having worked at McDonald’s I know drive through’s have cameras so after that fateful day at Starbucks I never went back. For some reason I thought they had a wanted sign up in there breakroom with a photo of my car. Wanted twenty something  girl fails at ordering coffee. 

The other day a customer at work dropped something and it made a very loud noise. She immediately grabbed my hand and jumped behind me. She started freaking out and was utterly humiliated. I kept thinking that it wasn’t a big deal and as a woman in her fourties she should pull herself together. So she dropped something. It’s okay. Things happen. No big deal. I kept telling her these things happen but it was like trying talk someone off of a ledge. 

In my mind the only thing she should have been embarrassed about is her reaction. But, how often have I done that? Over apologized for an accident. Isn’t that the truth though? We as humans see people mess up or have a moment and more often then not we shrug it off but when it’s us causing the accident or the moment we tend to overreact. 

It made me realize that embarrassing things happen. Crap happens. Such is life. It’s hard to shrug off an embarrassing or awkward moment but I would rather be the girl who can laugh at herself and move on then the girl who gets hung up on being embarrassed. 

I can say this because awkward things happen to me all the time. My underwear got caught on a box at work when I bent over to pick something up and a male coworker had to set me free. My pants fell off opening night of a high school drama I did. For weeks I was the freak that mooned the entire school. I have countless stories like this and I have learned to just hold my head high and laugh it off. There is no need to apologize for being human. 

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