First World Obsessions 

I know that most of us have heard of the new trend going around about having first world problems but have we thought about what cultures obsess over? I’ve done some research and came up with a list of ten things people obsess over.

  1. Social Media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… If your not on it, you wish you were 
  2. Pinterest. While this can fall under the category of social media I decided it was on its own because of our convulsive  need to check out the latest DYI projects or funny memes. Let’s me honest, where else do we turn for creative ideas?
  3. Money and Finances. Constantly worring about bills or if you are on the other side of the coin… Wondering how to get more wealth.
  4. Food. (Guilty… I love me some good grub)
  5. Success. 
  6. Sex and attractive people. 
  7. The lives of celebrities. I’ve never understood this one. So they act, dance, sing… What have you. But can’t we just enjoy there talents in peace? Why the need to study there every move? Doesn’t this make us stockers? But of course this is culturally acceptable.
  8. Television. Let’s admit it… We are a secretly ashamed about the hours we spend glued to our TV, Netflix, Hulu etc. But we can’t miss an episode! Because we are hooked. 
  9. Our phones and the apps we put on them. I’m sure you’ve already noticed but tomorrow as you go about your day watch people and count the few that are not on looking at there smart phones like its Ryan Gosling with his shirt off. (Hahaha see what I did there? Incorporated #7 & 6…)
  10. Being organic. Seriously, this wave of organic everything swept over this nation so fast it was almost overnight. Organic food, deodorant, reusable bags, eyeliner, face cream… And we trust it more because of that promise of freshness. 

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