You are there in the green

The green the reminds me of spring time

And romance under the stars

And the stars that remind me of that old worn out porch sofa where you first told me you loved me

Love was sharp then, like a knife my mother used to chop up the potatoes 

The potatoes she made for you because they were your favorite 

My favorite was the way you mixed the mayo with the ketchup  and how  a little always got in your beard

The beard you shaved for me because it tickled when you would kiss me

Like that one time when layed on the grass and my hair was moistened by the dew

Or the way the knees of my jeans get damp in the dew of the green grass after I’ve been kneeling beside your grave

The graveyard were I dressed in that little black dress you bought me to celebrate 730 days together 

I wore that dress and watched you go six feet under. 

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