Well, my friends this weekend marks two years of marriage for me and David. I couldn’t be happier with the choice I made in vowing my life to be forever with my best friend. So tonight I thought I would post a letter David read me during our rehearsal dinner. He gave me pearls at the same time so I had something beautiful to wear on my wedding day. 

Dear Chelsea,

Pearls are an amazing thing. They start out life as a grain of sand that gets caught in an oysters shell. It causes so much irritation that it is covered with a bunch of layers and eventually turns into a thing of amazing beauty. That is how I have seen our relationship from the start until now. It was hard and kind of irritating for a while. But we trusted in God and it is slowly turning into a priceless thing of beauty! So every time you wear these I want you to remember that it may be a little hard sometimes but without the hard irritating times and us sticking through it we won’t get the beautiful thing that follows. 

Love, David



3 thoughts on “Pearls

  1. I remember when i was really young I found a pearl bracelet while playing and gave it to my childhood girlfriend because i thought she was beautiful like it 🙂

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