Our Vows

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I know what it feels like to really hurt, to cry when no one knows, to fake life because life has pierced you and has left your heart crippled by a broken aero. I patched my wound with sarcasm, anger, bitterness, and resentment. I never knew or understood the full capacity of what love could bring to a restless heart until you. From day one you noticed me and not because of what I looked like on the outside but for the person I was on the inside. You saw past my scars and façade only wanting to know me. You helped heal my wounds with your gentle words, kind nature, and patient manner. You showed, and have since showed a respect I never thought possible. Must have been all of your southern charm. You showed me what love really means and I promise to spend the rest of my life showing you what love really means to me and learning what love really means to you. I know that times will get tough and we my not feel as “in love” as we do right now but I promise to fight. I vow to choose to love you even at your worst, at my worst, and when we are at our worst. I will always fight for us and for the love and friendship we share. Aside from myself, you are the dorkiest person I know and I love that about you, about us. I promise to be a dork with you until we are old and gray. I love when you hold my hand it is so simple and true to your heart that I vow to hold you sweaty hand until the arthritis sets in and I can’t hold your hand anymore. It ceases to amaze me how well you lay yourself down just to take care of me whether that means getting me water, driving me to the ER in the middle of the night, holding my hair back when I am sick, or telling me I need to calm down, let my emotions out, and have a good healthy cry. I promise to always return the favor; taking care of you in every way I can, but know I will probably never willingly touch your feet. We would be here for hours if I listed all the ways and why’s I love you but know that I plan on spending the rest of our lives showing you. I plan on standing beside you when you lost your way, placing my hand on your back when you rock our child in your arms serenading her with the sounds of your beautiful voice, traveling with you to further discover our dreams, saying your handsome and cute until I am blue in the face, cooking with you, being creative with you, praying with you, laughing with you, and doing the laundry dance. I thank God for you and I know that he has great plans for us it has been incredible rediscovering Him with you as He brought us to a place of grace and redemption. I promise to lead an honorable and Godly life and if I fail to keep this promise I give you permission to hold me accountable. You’re my light, my song, my ocean, and my moon and I will love you until the end.

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Chelsea, I have waited my whole life for you. When I was little (I know that was a long time ago) My Mom and Dad had me pray at night and I would pray for my future wife. That she would wait for me and that she would love God and that He would keep her safe for me. I have prayed that prayer or one very similar ever since then, and I will continue to pray for you in the days and years to come. On my 16th Birthday my parents took me out to eat and gave me this key. They told me that everyone has a treasure chest and in that chest is their heart, each person chooses when to open the chest and when to give away pieces of their heart to someone else. They handed me the key and said that it was the key to my Heart. They wanted me to keep it with me and remember that I should save my heart for someone special. I have had this key with me ever since. And now I am giving it to you along with my purity ring that they also gave me. I want you to be able to look back on this moment and see that I am giving you myself. Heart and Soul. And that I love you COMPLETELY! With ALL of my heart. I couldn’t love you more, or less. And my heart will grow to love you more every second that we are together. From the times when I look at you and no photo could EVER capture the beauty that is shining through you (even though I will attempt to capture it every chance I get) to the moment when you are so upset with me that I cant help but smile because you are making your “Angry Face”. I promise to love and cherish you for at least as long as I am alive. I will love you Forever and Always. Every time I kiss you on your forehead I want you to remember that you are so Beautiful that words can not do justice, so I am marking that moment with a gesture more powerful than words. Every day I will look for a moment that I discover one more little thing about you that makes me fall in love with you again. God has made it clear that we were made for each other, to fulfill the purpose that He has for both of us. I want to be your husband so that we can serve God and others together. Through all of the uncertainties and trials of the present and future, I promise to be faithful to you and love you, to be trustworthy as your husband, and to serve and love you in all circumstances. I promise to guide and protect you, as long as we both shall live. I will care for you, honor and protect you. I lay down my life for you, my friend and my love. I promise to sacrifice all of my self-centered thoughts and desires in order to serve you, our family and the Lord. And I promise to be the very best father that I can be to our children. As we begin together the great adventure of building a Christian home, I will look to Christ as Head of our home. I will face many new responsibilities that I cannot fulfill in my own strength. I promise to love you with His love, to provide for your needs through His enablement, and to lead you as He leads me, regardless of the circumstances. I look forward to building a home where Christ is glorified and I promise to allow God to use you in my life as He sees best in building me into the man He wants me to be. I choose to love you with joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control, especially when we reach our darkest moments. I surrender my life to you, holding nothing back, so that we may be one.

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