Playlist 06.21.15 (Our Wedding Songs)

Awe, like I said yesterday David and are celebrating our two year wedding anniversary over the next couple of days and my next few posts will be about our wedding… On Sundays I usually post a playlist and I figured it was only fitting that I posted the songs that played on our wedding day and the songs that are important to us.

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Ceremony Songs:

  1. On The Other Side: Augustana; This was played righted before the ceremony began. Augustana has always been one of my favorite bands and when David and I first met we weren’t allowed date because of an internship I was in (I would explain but trust me when I say it is a long story for another time…) There was a point were we knew that we were going to be together forever we just had to make it to the other side of the fence. Were we could love each other freely.
  2. Balance Beam: Blue October; This was the song that the wedding party walked down the aisle too. Now when David and I first met we did this cheesy move where we traded iPods for a couple of days to get a feel for the others taste in music. David discovered that I loved music and that my collection ran long and very diverse. While I learned that he has too many Disney and Brit Nicole songs. So I began to make him playlists of all the music he was missing out on. The first one was a Blue October mix because they are my favorite band and I think all people should listen to the poetry that is Justin Furstenfeld. Anyways, when we started hanging out as “Just Friends.” I started to give him gentleman tips like, be on time, open up doors, shower a lady with compliments etc. so that way he was prepared for his future wife. It was kind of a lame joke between us but when I made him his first playlist of Blue October songs I put this song on there and it reminded him of all the tips I had been giving him. So it become a song that reflected our story.
  3. A Quiet Mind: Blue October; The song I walked down the aisle too. This is my all time favorite song. I have suffered from depression most of my life and I used to believe no one could ever love me fully because I was such a mess. But David did. He always did. Even though everyone told him to stay clear of me. Even though people said we would never work because I was from a broken home and he was Sunday School bred, he loved me for me. Despite all my crazy. He never once saw that. David has this odd calming affect on people, especially me. He makes the world feel safer and calms all my worry. He gives me a quiet mind and always has. And there is no doubt that I will love him until the end. Ironically, Blue October did a concert tour the year we were engaged called The Quiet Mind Tour (even though the song came years before David and I even met) and the band came to Spokane. We went and they played that song live… I still consider it to be one of the best moments in my life.
  4. The Violet Hour: The Civil Wars; The song that played while David and I watered a tree for unity… Don’t ask it seemed cool at the time.
  5. At The Beginning: Donna Lewis & Richard Marx; The song that played after we were announced as Mr & Mrs. David Kadron for the first time. I used to watch Anastasia all the time when I was a kid and when the credits played at the end my cousin, Sadie and I used to sing and dance to it. It was a song that told the tale of a beautiful love that only existed in fairy tales. One time when David and were talking I mentioned causally that I loved that movie and always wanted the soundtrack. I honestly don’t even remember mentioning it to him but one day when we were “just friends” he came over with the DVD and soundtrack as a special gift. I quickly showed him the song I told him about and I’ll always remember how we listened to it side by side in the basement of my aunts house (were I was living at the time) we starred at each other unwilling to say what we wanted to. That we loved each other and we always had, since the beginning.

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Reception Songs: 

  1. How He Loves: David Crowder; The song we first danced too. Like most couples we had a hard time choosing what song we wanted to dance too. But in the end we choose a worship song because we made so many mistakes and hurt so many people during the course of relationship and the one thing that kept us together was the power of redemption.
  2. More Beautiful You: Jonny Diaz; Now the last thing I was expecting was to have a father-daughter dance at my wedding because my dad passed away when I was eleven and I didn’t want to make my stepdad do anything that he didn’t want to. I also didn’t know how to ask him. But he surprised me when he offered me his hand. I used to struggle with an eating disorder and severe self-esteem issues. And my stepdad hand picked a song he thought was perfect for me. I sobbed like a child.
  3. Beth: Kiss; This was my dad’s favorite song and it was a song played at his funeral. Now my brother, who walked me down the aisle, also asked me to dance with him on behalf of our father. This was also a surprise and I was extremely touched.

Picture.1148 Picture.1159 Picture.1152

Picture.1172 Picture.1173 Picture.1177 Picture.1180 Picture.1185 Picture.1195

“Our Songs”  

  • The Planets Bend Between Us: Snow Patrol
  • Yours: The Script
  • Calling You: Blue October
  • Ugly Side: Blue October
  • You Make Me Smile: Blue October
  • Everlasting Friend: Blue October
  • Bound To You: Christina Aguilera
  • Distance: Christina Perri
  • The One: Gary Allan
  • Beautiful With You: Halestorm
  • Break In: Halestorm
  • Hey Pretty Girl: Kip Moore
  • Fallen For You: LaRue
  • Ready To Love Again: Lady Antebellum
  • Can’t Take My Eyes Off You: Lady Anetebellum
  • Learn You Inside Out: Lifehouse
  • Overjoyed: Matchbox Twenty

There are so many more but I will stop for now. Isn’t amazing how music can tell a story?

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Two Years Later



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