So I Think I Can Cook…(Confessions of an Almost Chef)

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Grub Disorder

Today is the day that I showcase to the world my raw talent for culinary magic. Yeah, not so much. Truth be told, I have always been made fun of for my cooking skills. And rightfully so. One time I wanted to bake soft pretzels for my family because I just learned how to in my Home Ec class. Well, long story short I added four cups of yeast when I was supposed to only add 4 teaspoons. The kitchen was a hot mess and my family has never let me live it down.

For a long time I was only known for my skills in sprucing up a jar of Classico for spaghetti. Now, I was right there with my family in making fun of myself for my horrible cooking choices because I have done some pretty gross things, spinach and refried beans, pineapple in marinara sauce, fajita spices…

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