The Green Door

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Dear Almost Lover & Full Time Friend,

There was a time when I let you kiss me. You pulled me out of bed early on a Saturday to celebrate our last day of freedom before the leaves turned crispy and rejected the trees. Before your bedroom moved into your car. Before Berkley and Texas State. We drove to the edge of town and explored the familiar. We walked and for the first time in the years that we had been friends I grabbed your hand and held it.

Our teeth became blue from the slurpie’s we bought at the 7 Eleven. We sat on the old railroad tracks and talked about all the places we wanted to go while the drunks made us uncomfortable hollering out my good looks and one homeless man offered us his “Love-Shack.”

We climbed a fence that had a warning sign for trespassing. I snapped a shot of the high voltage high with the Nikon I always carried with me, I remember feeling awake at the thought of being mischievous. Here we were, young and foolish, sneaking in to the old power plant a few blocks past the tracks. Lost in the middle of youth and there just beside the old green door you kissed me. It was the kiss that said goodbye to our youth and hello to adulthood. I always found it ironic that we kissed by a door. On one side was youth and the other side adulthood and we were newly crossing that threshold. 

Love Always, Me. A Wanna-Be Lover & Full Time Friend.

One thought on “The Green Door

  1. Chels,love your blogs; your innocense, insight, youthful energy,creativity, passionate,thoughtfulness,zeal for beauty and art and your clear mind. So genuine a person who wears your heart on your sleeve. Hope to meet you soon in person. So courageous to follow your own dreams. Love Aunt Kathy.xoxoxox

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