When The World Crashes Down

I’ve been let go before and believe me it doesn’t feel good. It is a massive blow to your ego and more then that the amount of stress and worry that comes with being let go is often to much to handle.

Like, I have mentioned before David and I have been struggling financially and we have been doing our very best to cut expenses and live modestly but it still hasn’t been enough. The move drained us more then we care to admit. However, even though times have been tough we have still been able to make it. Barely, but we have been making it. 

David’s company had to do immediate layoffs due to budget cuts and he was one of them. We just found out today. And it was effective immediately. They said it was no fault of his or his job performance but his position was no longer available. 

I know David will be able to find work again and I will look for a second job meanwhile but I’m not sure how we will survive this. For the first time in our marriage I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. All I have is my faith and belief that God will see us through. 

4 thoughts on “When The World Crashes Down

  1. From someone who just got done relocating his entire family of 5, 3,000 miles from Alaska to Spokane for a job I had 4 years, and LOVED, only to get terminated from that job and company I loved, because of the constant travel and back and forth of having to fight a court battle for custody, I feel your pain….. I Loved what I did. It was a passion of mine. Ego aside, this is life. And my termination was immediate, and unexpected, and soul crushing, leaving me with no recourse. Right after we got everyone down here! I think John Lennon said it best, All you need is love…. Regardless of what happens every day, at night, you’re going to close your eyes falling asleep next to the person you love… and when you wake up, you’ll be waking up next to the man you love.. And honestly, it’s all you need… Money can be replaced… Life is too short to let it burden you.

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    • What! RPS let you go? Man, I’m so sorry. Thanks for those encouraging words. Considering I’m in a very similar boat. Did you find new work? I know what a tough market Spokane can be.


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